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Welcome to BestSeriesSHOP where you can find the best TV shows and series related products and merchandise. Are you familiar with the feeling when you first watch a TV show that really gets you on the couch and watch all day and night? Me too. If you wanna watch your best serie in a fan T-Shirt or wear a necklace from your favorite TV show, just find and get what you want!

We bring you from all Westeros (first of all Winterfell of course), trough the nordic Viking’s land to the world of the Walking Dead. Also if you want to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes or be the fastest men alive like Flash, travel in space of time with the Tardis, we give you the opportunity to feel the excitement of the world of these excellent tv series.

Drink your coffee or tea from our mug. These beautiful products reminds you for your loved serie or TV shows. Always taste better the coffee if you see a character from your show looks back at you. Dean Winchester from Supernatural, Daryl from The Walking Dead or The Doctor from Doctor Who inspired mug for you, brings joy to coffee time.

Wear are clothes, show the world that you love your TV show, bring all Westeros to the streets, travel with the Tardis everywhere you go and run like hell in a Flash t-shirt or hoodie. If the Winter is Coming, our Stark Wolf Hoodie will warm you in the darkest days of the winter (because the night is dark and full of terrors..and with cold). Cook with Heisenberg in your kitchen in our sweatshirts, Walter White would be proud of you. Locked yourself with Sherlock in a Sherlock shirt and investigate the next case with him.

If you grab your phone, it will be a pleasant to look at with a Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead phone case. You have an iPhone or a Samsung? Or even Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei? Don’t worry, we will find you a Sherlock or Doctor Who related phone case too.

Our jewelry segment are huge. I mean really huge, almost three hundred necklace, bracelet, ring or keychain from your best series. Game of Thrones House Stark necklace? Hell yes. Wear any occasion, at home or on the street, people will turn around for you. Have a ring that Deans wear in the Supernatural series or put a Walking Dead keychain to your keys and show to the people what you got.

In the present people often feel sadness or anxiety because our world is rushing. I know (and you know too) the feeling that a really good show brings to your life and your heart. It came trough your body, takes your attention and switch off your brain. These little (and big) gifts for yourself or for a beloved friend, girlfriend or anyone who you love will brings joy and happiness to everyones heart.

Hang a poster on your wall and watch your show every day and night in your bedroom or in your living room, Vikings, Sherlock, Game of Thrones or even a Walking Dead poster from the crew or a character will look good in your wall and brings your family and friends to your home. Don’t forget to recommend our store for them. 😉 BestSeriesSHOP, where you find the best merch for your best serie!

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